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Electrical Engineer

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

- To calculate the sizing and define specifications of electrical equipment.
- To source the electrical equipment.
- To design electrical drawings for the PV modules.
- To estimate the energy yields and pricing.
- To collaborate with the business department.
- To communicate with suppliers and customers.
- To handle the project management of the project.
- To supervise the installation of the floating solar systems.
- To contribute in the development of the floating system components that are related to the electrical design.
- To prepare tender documents.
- To oversee the implementation of the project.



  • A Bachelor's degree in electrical, electromechanical, renewable energy, and energy engineering or equivalent.

  • A Master's or Ph.D. degree in a related field is a plus.

Job requirements (the candidate should have experience in a minimum of two fields and the candidate should be willing to learn):

  • Experience in dealing with PV equipment.

  • Experience in electrical equipment.

  • Experience in renewable energies.

  • Experience in project management.

  • Experience in marine engineering.

About the Company

At HelioRec, we design and install floating solar power plants in nearshore locations (
Our design challenge is delivering reliable floating systems that can withstand rough environmental conditions.

In the engineering team, we are looking for an electrical engineer who will lead the commissioning of the floating solar power plants. You will be responsible for the planning, and implementation phase of the project.
You will be in charge of the electrical design for the PV system, wiring, grid connections, and all electrical components.
You will also contribute to the product development team involved in developing next-generation floating solar power plants.

HelioRec's core values are Professionalism. Curiosity. Honesty.

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