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2nd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum

Floating solar PV is an emerging technology with the potential for rapid growth. The demand for floating solar PV is expanding, especially on islands as the cost of the water surface is generally lower than the cost of land. Currently, most activity on floating PV relates to freshwater artificial reservoirs, but more and more technology developers are appearing for offshore applications.

2nd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum took a place as a two-day summit and explored the global importance of floating solar.

The event united policymakers and top thought leadership on one stage and unfurl the green recovery playbook.

It was greatly explore the most lucrative opportunities that await in the renewable energy sector, whether it be the expansion of infrastructure, the electrification of end-use sectors, or decarbonizing the way we do business, therefore, charting the path for the energy majors of tomorrow.

We discussed HelioRec's innovative concept for near-shore locations and discussed the use case in Port of Oostende.

Thank you Leadvent group for the invitation!

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