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Visit to Manufacturing Partner ECCUA

Last month, our R&D Engineer, Ahmed Sherif had an insightful visit to our manufacturing

partner ECCUA. His objective was to oversee the manufacturing process and conduct on-site assembly tests for various components, including the PV panel mounting and mooring components.

Here are some highlights from his visit:

✅ QA/QC Procedures: Ahmed diligently inspected the quality assurance and quality control procedures in place. Ensuring the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process is key to delivering top-notch products.

✅ Manufacturing Options: Ahmed explored different manufacturing options, including foam injection, plastic welding, and the strategic placement of metal inserts. These assessments will help us optimize the manufacturing process and enhance product durability.

✅ Roto-Molded Products: Ahmed thoroughly examined a range of roto-molded products made from different plastics. Understanding their properties and performance characteristics will contribute to further innovation and diversification within our product lineup.

At HelioRec, we remain committed to continuous improvement and delivering excellence to our valued customers. Ahmed's visit to ECCUA has provided invaluable insights, enabling us to refine our manufacturing practices and ensure the highest level of product reliability.

More information: link

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