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  • Why install solar power plants on the water?
    The fisrst reason is a land scarcity avoiding. Traditionally solar panels occupy a lot of valuable land space. The second reason is higher solar panel efficiency due to water cooling effect. Solar cell performance decreases with increasing temperature. The operating temperature plays a key role in the photovoltaic conversion process. Both the electrical efficiency and the power output of a solar panel depend linearly on the operating temperature. Some studies show that the relative annual average output energy is about 12.96% higher at sea compared with land. However, in some months, this relative output energy increases up to 18% higher energy yield at seaevision (source).
  • Are floating solar power plants more expensive than ground-based power plants?
    Typically, floating solar power plants are 30-50% more expansive than ground-based. In some cases, customers do not have available land space for solar panels, but they have access to the water, near-shore locaitons and to be able to generate a clean energy, more expensive solution can be the option.
  • Is floating solar power plant dangerous for fish?
    The floating solar power plant is not dangerouse for fish, recent research was performed by Buro Bakker/ATKB. However, multi-year research is required to establish clear results (source).
  • Does floating solar power plant disturb maritime activities?
    HelioRec is installing floating solar power plants on unused or shallow water and it does not disturb maritime activities.
  • Is floating solar market good to invest?
    The floating solar market is growing exponentially (installed in 2004 - 10MWp and in 2021 – 1.6GWp) and it opens enormous market opportunities and advantages for the environment and society. It is one of the fastest growing sector with CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 33.7% (source and source).
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