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25kW floating solar power plant for the port

  • Saving land space

  • Energy transition

  • Challenging conditions: 7 m tidal range, waves more than 2 m

  • 27.09.2023 | France, Brest Port

10kW off-grid floating solar power plant for the port

  • Saving land space

  • Clean energy

  • Grid dependence reduction

  • System movement analysing and correlation with energy production

  • Survived several storms (wind 115 km/h)

  • 14.01.2022 | Belgium, Port of Oostende

Wave tank testing

  • Experimental characterization of the hydrodynamic behavior

  • Numerical model validation

  • Full scale prototype

  • 20.07.2021 | France, Ecole Centrale de Nantes

7kW off-grid floating solar power plant for lake purification

  • Water aeration (adding oxygen)

  • Clean energy

  • System testing and improvement

  • Arise awareness about renewable energy

  • Survived wind 90 km/h and frozen water

  • 13.09.2020 | Russia, Lake Ak-Gel


Jan Allaert
Commercial Director
Port of Oostende

We are focusing on the blue economy and innovation of new zero-carbon energy solutions.

We are happy to use HelioRec floating solar technology in our port.

Arthur Alibekov
EcoEnergy Group

It was fruitful cooperation with HelioRec - we built the first in the world unique hybrid for lake purification. The project brought economical and ecological benefits for our company.

Stefan Svensson
GreenPipe Group

It was a great experience to build a floating solar project together with HelioRec. We could prove that our cable protectors are working well with such power plants and we are opening new market opportunities for GreenPipe.

Alvaro_JGH_Testimonial for HelioRec.jfif
Álvaro Coll Martínez
RE Engineer
JGH Group

HelioRec is a very professional company with very dedicated and skillful employees. Customer service,  constant support, and availability when needed have been crucial to our project.

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