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To be the leader in floating solar technology and to provide a clean, affordable energy source to people worldwide.

Our Story

HelioRec was created in 2019 by solo-female founder, Polina Vasilenko.

Polina began her career in the oil and gas industry, mixing and pumping cement in the middle of Siberia. After 14 years in the industry, she was brave enough to change direction from the "black side" and apply her hands-on experience to renewable energy.


Solar is one of the most mature renewable energy technologies, but problems persist because traditional solar panels require a large amount of land that many countries do not have available.


The HelioRec team developed an idea for how to place solar panels on water in a cost- and eco-efficient way, specifically for near-shore locations (where 50% of the global population lives).

Our vision has attracted a team of enthusiastic international experts with diverse backgrounds, each committed to bringing the HelioRec concept to life using their own time and wide expertise.

Together, we have over sixty years of relevant experience.

Experienced Leadership

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