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Marine Engineer

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

This is a full-time hybrid role as a Marine Engineer that involves working both in-office (located in Paris) and remotely. The Marine Engineer will be responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining floating solar power plants to meet the company's objectives, as well as inspecting and evaluating facilities and equipment.

The role may also require some travel.
CDD contract for the first 6 months that can be changed to CDI.



  • Practical experience in the Navy or Marine Industry (who has been successful in the construction of the structores on the water, the most important skills for this job position).

  • Working experiance is minimum 7 years.

  • Knowledge of Maintenance & Repair in the Maritime industry.

  • Proficiency in Marine Engineering.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of maritime regulations and industry standards.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot technical issues.

  • Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with teams.

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, or a related field.

  • A Master's degree in the relevant discipline is desirable.

About the Company

At HelioRec, we design and install floating solar power plants in nearshore locations (
Our design challenge is delivering reliable floating systems that can withstand rough environmental conditions.

In the engineering team, we are looking for an electrical engineer who will lead the commissioning of the floating solar power plants. You will be responsible for the planning, and implementation phase of the project.
You will be in charge of the electrical design for the PV system, wiring, grid connections, and all electrical components.
You will also contribute to the product development team involved in developing next-generation floating solar power plants.

HelioRec's core values are Professionalism. Curiosity. Honesty.

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