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Celebrating an Empowering Voice in Tech

Our CEO, Polina Vasilenko, was recently invited to speak at the highly esteemed "Women for Change" session organized by ChangeNOW. Her presence on that stage was an inspiring moment that shed light on her incredible journey as a female founder in the tech field.

Polina's heartfelt speech resonated deeply with the audience as she fearlessly shared her personal experiences and the challenges she encountered along her path. Her authentic storytelling showcased the resilience and determination required to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Her journey serves as an inspiration to countless aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, who face similar obstacles on their own paths to success.

Please join us in celebrating Polina's well-deserved recognition for her outstanding achievements and her dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity. We are honored to have such an exceptional leader at the helm of our organization, someone who continually pushes boundaries, advocates for change, and propels us towards a more inclusive future.

Let us all be inspired by Polina's remarkable journey, and together, let's embrace diversity, drive change, and create a more inclusive world for all!

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