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DigiCirc: Blue Economy

Happy to announce that HelioRec together with Digital Dood was accepted in DigiCirc Accelerator.

We will develop innovative solutions focused on digital technologies by addressing the Blue Economy challenges.

Our highly motivated consortium is eager to develop valuable and innovative project in the offshore floating solar segment. Floating PV (FPV) technology is one of the key energy sources in decarbonization. The FPV market is growing exponentially (installed in 2004 - 10MWp and in 2021 – 2.6GWp) and it opens enormous market opportunities and advantages for environment and society. The FPV technology has follow advantages:

  • Clean electricity production. More than 50% of the entire world population lives within 100 km of an oceanic coast, an FPV system installed on sea can be conveniently located to supply clean electricity to these regions;

  • Saving land space (1MW of solar panels are occupying around 10 000 m2);

  • Better PV panels efficiency. Firstly, due to the limited amount of obstacles causing shading loss and a lower amount of dust compared with land-based PV systems. Secondly, due to cooling effect from the water, the relative annual average output energy is about 12.96% higher at sea compared with land energy yield;

  • Cross-sectors combination and creating many benefits from the same water area (hydrogen production; aquaculture; offshore wind; desalination, tidal turbines etc.). Additionally, extracted energy from FPV power plants could be a great supply for offshore platforms and ships and would cancel out 3% global greenhouse gas emission from them.

Consortium will get a direct funding and the opportunity to implement our project DigiFlot: Cutting-edge floating PV technology with innovative AI/ML algorithms for maritime sector in the real sea conditions.

Get in touch if you want to know more!

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