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EU-Startups Summit in Malta

Solar2Wave pilot in Indonesia

Thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in the Blue Economy Panel discussion at the EU-Startups Summit in Malta.

Our CEO Polina Vasilenko shared insights into the intersection of ocean sustainability, cleantech innovation, and the vibrant world of startups.

The Blue Economy holds immense promise for a sustainable future, and our discussion delved into the pivotal role that technology and entrepreneurship play in unlocking its potential.

From renewable energy solutions to marine conservation efforts, the possibilities are limitless, and it's inspiring to see the diverse range of initiatives driving positive change.

The EU-startups Summit provided a dynamic platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, and we are grateful for the opportunity to connect with fellow leaders and visionaries who share our passion for driving sustainable change. Thomas Ohr thank you for the invitation.

As we continue to chart the course towards a more sustainable future, let's harness the power of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship to create a thriving Blue Economy that benefits both people and planet.

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