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Heliorec Makes Waves at #Seanergy Paris, Showcasing Innovative Floating Solar Solutions

HelioRec had the honor of attending #Seanergy Paris, a premier event in the offshore renewable energy industry. Our CEO, Polina Vasilenko, and CTO, Hashim Elzaabalawy, represented Heliorec with great expertise and enthusiasm.

At the event, Polina participated in a round table discussion titled "How to get a tan at sea - the hurdles for floating solar energy." Her insights shed light on the challenges and opportunities of implementing floating solar energy solutions in marine environments. Additionally, she showcased Heliorec's innovative approach to floating solar power plants for near-shore locations, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Hashim Elzaabalawy delivered an engaging pitch on "Floating solar systems in sea and ocean environments." He presented our cutting-edge technology and highlighted the benefits of utilizing floating solar systems in offshore settings.

SEANERGY BY BLUESIGN serves as a pivotal platform, bringing together over 3,500 leaders and experts in the offshore renewable energy industry. The exhibition area fosters the exploration of innovative technologies and solutions that drive the energy transition. As one of the 200 exhibitors, Heliorec had the opportunity to showcase our projects, connect with professionals, and demonstrate our vision for future solutions.

We are grateful to the organizers of Seanergy Paris for providing us with this remarkable opportunity to be part of such a significant event. It allowed us to engage with industry leaders, decision-makers, and like-minded professionals, fostering valuable collaborations and partnerships.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey to revolutionize the renewable energy industry and make a lasting impact on a global scale!

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