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Heliorec's CTO Shines at VivaTech, Partnering with TotalEnergies to Drive Sustainable Energy Innovat

We are thrilled to share that Hashim Elzaabalawy, the CTO of Heliorec, recently had the opportunity to participate in #VivaTech, the world's rendez-vous for startups and leading corporates to celebrate digital transformation and innovation. For four exhilarating days, VivaTech brought together visionaries, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators in Paris to ignite positive change in the business world and society.

At this year's 7th edition of VivaTech, held on June 14-17, we showcased the cutting-edge solutions developed by Heliorec, pushing the boundaries of sustainable energy technology. Among the highlights of the event was our pitch to TotalEnergies On, the dedicated TotalEnergies acceleration program at STATION F in Paris, focusing on innovative solutions in the electricity sector.

Heliorec, driven by our dedicated team and passion for sustainability, is proud to join forces with TotalEnergies in their mission to detect and support the most promising startups in the electricity business. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our path towards a more sustainable future!

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