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Port Oostende

One of the most exciting news during this year, HelioRec is building 10kW floating solar power plant in Port Oostende in cooperation with Greenpipe International.

At the first stage, the power plant will provide electricity to a warehouse in Port Oostende, where an old boat is being restored. This will minimize the use of the existing diesel generator and consequently 924 kgCO2eq. per year will be reduced.

The main parameters of the system will be assessed by HelioRec's experts:

- Survivability in sea-conditions;

- System movement;

- Energy production evaluation;

- Hydrophobic additives assessment etc.

Within the project the high-class cable protection system Snap Panzar™ made from 100% recycled plastic will be incorporated to protect the export cables.

The project is financed with support from the Interreg North Sea Region Dual Ports programme - Developing Low carbon Utilities, Abilities and potential of regional entrepreneurial ports (10/11/2015-31/12/2021). DUAL Ports is a €8.69M project, 50% co-funded by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund.

Would like to be a part of this great project and contribute to the innovation? Contact us.

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