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Wave Tank Testing

Our team achieved new milestone to the way of technology commercialization. Today we successfully completed wave tank testing at Ecole Central de Nantes with a great support from Marine Energy Alliance and BPI France.

In this challenging time we could manage to build the full-sclale prototype and prove our “hydro-lock” ballasting feature. The idea of the “hydro-lock” feature is to keep water inside the floater to give additional mass and consequently additional stability while avoiding extra costs from other ballast-materials such as metal and concrete.

During 2 weeks of testing, number of parameters (system acceleration, mooring lines tension, loads on the connectors and different angles) were assessed with regular and irregular waves.

The high-level of experts from Ecole-Central de Nantes conducted testing and we are looking for further collaboration.

If you would like to know testing results, please, contact our technical team:

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